The Noble Building

324 Pujo Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601

Louisiana, its economy and the families that live here have close ties to the oil and engineering industries. As the new owner of the Noble Building, we at Empire of the Seed intend to rehabilitate this property as we did the Cash Grocery and Sales Building here in Lake Charles because of its ties to Noble Oil Company and one of the area’s premier engineers, Elmer Shutts, whose crowning achievement was his involvement as one of the visionary founders of the Port of Lake Charles. The Noble Building is currently being prepared for rehabilitation with plans for both residential and commercial adaptive reuse.

The property first peaked our interest as C.O. Noble played an integral role in drilling the first oil well in Louisiana as cited in the book, “Early Louisiana and Arkansas Oil: A Photographic History – 1901 – 1946.” A photograph from the book depicts an oil-covered C.O. Noble at a gusher. Their participation along with many others in drilling the first oil well in Jennings led to economic gains in the area for decades to come. Noble Oil Company’s offices remained in the Noble Building from the early to mid-1930s until Empire of the Seed acquired the property in May of 2012.

Upon further research of the building’s past tenants, we discovered the significance of Elmer E. Shutts due to his contributions as the first engineer of the Port of Lake Charles. In the article, “Port of Lake Charles: A Vision for the Future,” writer Shirley Haupt reports that by the time Shutts resigned in 1967, the Port had grown from two transit sheds and wharves at Walnut Grove (City Docks) to six transit sheds and wharves.” His daughter is cited in the article as saying, “The most important thing he did in connection to the Port. He built it.”

The building is also currently home to the Majestic Barbershop, a local business that was originally located in the Majestic Hotel. This hotel, built circa 1904, housed every president from Roosevelt to Kennedy. Along with many other downtown Lake Charles structures, the Majestic Hotel was torn down in the mid-1960s. The Majestic Barbershop then relocated to the Pioneer Building before finding its home in the Noble Building. The barbershop is the area’s only surviving link to the Majestic Hotel.

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324 Pujo Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601



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