Capture a time of underground jazz and optimistic growth in Lake Charles with the 1920s Paramount Room, another responsibly revitalized historic property under the Empire of the Seed umbrella. Its essence – and name – is in honor of the city’s elegant Paramount Theatre, and it is located in the shadow of the towering Calcasieu Marine National Bank. What began as an auto garage in the 1920s eventually flourished into one of the city’s most unique event venues while preserving the historic soul of downtown Lake Charles. This mixed use of indoor and outdoor space allows for an intimate, rich setting while connecting directly to the downtown life.

Events at the Paramount Room

The Venue

The Paramount Room is a tribute to the renown Paramount Theatre, a movie theater built in 1915, just after the Great Fire of 1910. The theater was built in the same 800 block of Ryan Street as the Paramount Room, and it brought the glamorous silver screen to downtown Lake Charles for nearly 60 years. During the late Roaring Twenties, the Paramount Room was built as an auto garage to service the nearby Charleston Hotel, the Calcasieu Marine National Bank, and the Weber Building.

Empire of the Seed adopted the old garage and saw a vision for it to turn into a historic site while encouraging the growth of the downtown Lake Charles culture. The Paramount Room sits adjacent to the Calcasieu Marine National Bank with an open courtyard connecting the two venues. The courtyard spills onto Ryan Street and brings the life of downtown to the Paramount Room, and vice versa.

Your Event

The Paramount Room’s flexible and creative use of indoor and outdoor space gives your event the right mix of rich atmosphere and elegance. The main hall is over 2,400 square feet, which gives your event just the right amount of intimacy. The large bar area and dark wooden design of the venue hark back to the Prohibition Era and bring a Speakeasy vibe to the venue. Your guests can also enjoy the lake breeze in the courtyard while wandering on the red bricks in ornate patterns and among the landscaped flower beds, greenery, six towering lamp posts, and a large pavilion. The courtyard also offers easy access to Ryan Street and downtown Lake Charles to give your event a truly local flare. Whether your event is a casual music night, an intimate gathering amongst friends, or the event of a lifetime, the Paramount Room brings the jazz world to Lake Charles – and to your event.

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The Paramount Room
844 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601