At 9,045 square feet, the Calcasieu Marine Warehouse has been used as a parking garage, a file storage area, an office and cubicle space, a commercial kitchen and more during its 70+ years in existence. The original brick and vaulted ceilings create a unique space that would be welcoming for any area business seeking to make a home downtown. It’s currently home to Pops and Rockets, Botsky’s Premium Hotdogs and Empire of the Seed’s event venue, the Paramount Room.

Current Tenants

Capture a time of underground jazz and optimistic growth in Lake Charles with the 1920s Paramount Room, another responsibly revitalized historic property under the Empire of the Seed umbrella.

Pops and Rockets makes hand-made gourmet pops and ice cream named after 80’s songs and bands. Lead by Nicolas Villaume, Pops and Rockets will be sure to take your taste buds on the ride of your life!

Located in downtown Lake Charles, LA, Botsky’s has been serving up premium dogs and burgers since 2013. They use high quality ingredients and creativity to offer you a unique dining experience.

Calcasieu Marine Warehouse