Event Venues in Lake Charles

Your event – no matter how big or small – can be the event of a lifetime with Empire of the Seed venues. Nowhere else will you find the elegance, intimacy, history and atmosphere of the Empire of the Seed event venues like the towering Calcasieu Marine National Bank or the rustic Cash and Carry Building. Empire of the Seed is just as dedicated to your event as it is to restoring the soul of Lake Charles through responsibly renovating overlooked historic sites.

The capability of these venues is as wide as your imagination, and each venue offers unique and exciting ways to make your event memorable – whether it’s the expansive outdoor courtyard of the Calcasieu Marine National Bank or the Roaring Twenties spirit of the Paramount Room. All venues offer flexible usage of its space and assets while maintaining professionally set events.

All three event venues – the Paramount Room, the Calcasieu Marine National Bank, and the Cash and Carry Building – thrived during the 1920s in Lake Charles. This was a time of optimism and growth in the city after the Great Fire of 1910 destroyed nearly all buildings in Lake Charles. After the fire, a boom in 1920s-style architecture was cultivated across Lake Charles, and today these venues breathe new life into the city while giving us a glimpse into our past.

Each venue has hosted the gamut of events – weddings and music nights to fundraisers and street festivals – and your event can be added to the list of once-in-a-lifetime celebrations that Empire of the Seed has helped come to fruition. Empire of the Seed’s venues bring history to life and infuse today’s events with culture, vitality, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Cash &

Calcasieu Marine