Empire of the Seed Properties

The Cash and Carry Building

The Cash & Carry building is a faithfully restored 9,600 sq. foot warehouse built in the 1930’s to house what has been described as “the Sam’s Club” for small grocery businesses where wholesale goods and products were sold. It was also opened for retail consumers before it was abandoned.

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The Calcasieu Marine National Bank

The Calcasieu Marine National Bank, built in 1928, is one of a group of buildings in Lake Charles designed by the noted New Orleans architectural firm of Favrot and Livaudais. This extremely prominent, quite prolific firm received numerous major commissions beginning in the wake of the fire of 1910 and continuing through the ’20s. Their extant work includes the Calcasieu Parish Courthouse, the Lake Charles City Hall, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the Calcasieu Marine Bank, and various schools and residences.

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The Phoenix Building

On April 23, 1910, Lake Charles bore witness to a fire that spread the width of two blocks and a half mile long. The fire started behind a soda shop and the French Opera House on a Saturday afternoon.

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The Noble Building

As the new owner of the Noble Building, we at Empire of the Seed intend to rehabilitate this property as we did the Cash Grocery and Sales Building here in Lake Charles because of its ties to Noble Oil Company and one of the area’s premier engineers, Elmer Shutts.

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The Calcasieu Marine Warehouse

At 9,045 square feet, the Calcasieu Marine Warehouse has been used as a parking garage, a file storage area, an office and cubicle space, a commercial kitchen and more during its 70+ years in existence.  The original brick and vaulted ceilings create a unique space that would be welcoming for any area business seeking to make a home downtown.

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