About Empire of the Seed

What kind of company logo has a buffalo, long leaf pine, switch grass and a quail under a Gothic cathedral window?


Empire of the Seed is a company that trusts in preserving and regenerating the best of the past while contributing to a clean, sustainable future. The company believes that diversity of ideas leads to a diversity of activities and cultural enrichment that enhances our community. The name and logo were conceived during the formative discussion of the Coastal Plain Conservancy (CPC), a non-profit whose purpose is to preserve the lands that define the coastal plains’ distinct landscape. Tall native prairie grasses once sprawled across the southern plains of Louisiana. Long leaf pines continued from Virginia to East Texas. These pines would allow squirrels to travel the expanse without ever touching the ground. Wild bison roamed the area before man, but not for long. Empire of the Seed, and its distinctive logo, were born from these images.


Empire of the Seed is an umbrella organization that includes preservation of older buildings for adaptive reuse, such as the Lake Charles Calcasieu Marine Bank (originally opened in 1928) and the nearby Cash & Carry building (circa 1936). These two buildings act as the host for creative individuals, functions and projects for the preservation and creation of cultural events. Such events include a farmers’ market, art shows, weddings, social gatherings, and public service development initiatives for Lake Charles’ downtown and lakefront.


We are proud to be associated with the CPC, McNeese State University and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) through its Louisiana Native Plant initiative to find, nurture and restore to commercial production, indigenous plant varieties that were all but lost by neglect.


Within this umbrella organization are also consulting projects involving energy and business development in both Southwest Louisiana and the nation at large.

Learn about the president, Oliver G. “Rick” Richard, III